Good Friday Picnic: Elderhaven of Williamson County Celebrates Easter

Elderhaven of Williamson County intern Matt Ochs recounts their Good Friday field trip to Lake Creek Park.

Last Friday, April 10th 2009, the Elderhaven Day center of Williamson County took a field trip to Lake Creek Park. The day began with an Easter egg hunting contest. The big winner of the egg hunting contest was Gordon with a whopping 27 eggs. Gordon was thrilled to have won the contest, and was quick to point out he could have easily had 28 eggs but one was covered in ants.

Following the egg hunting contest we had an Easter hat parade. At various different times in preceding weeks during arts and crafts time at the day center clients had an opportunity to create and decorate hats for the field trip. Clients where also allowed to work on their hats at home and bring them on Friday if they so chose.

The weather was very cooperative and we had a gorgeous sunny day with a few clouds. One of the highlights of the day had to be the Easter hat parade where clients paraded up and down. The clients where all smiles while showing off the hats they worked so hard to create. Several inspired clients even struck model like poses to show off their hats.

Following the Easter hat parade and modeling we had the volunteers judge the hats for our Easter hat contest. Winners of the hat contest included Elouise, Blossie Mae, Dorothy, Annie, and Nanny. Following the awards ceremony for the hat contest, we had a nice picnic lunch consisting of sandwiches, fruit, and potato chips. After lunch clients enjoyed the outdoors with various activities such as kite flying, Frisbee tossing, and socializing. Far too quickly our fun day at the park came to a close and we head back to the day center located on Brown St.

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