June 3rd: AGE SAFE in Austin!

Seniors in Central Texas are in critical need of durable medical equipment!
Seniors in Central Texas are in critical need of durable medical equipment!

• Every 18 seconds, someone aged 65+ is treated in an emergency department for a fall*
• Every 35 minutes a senior dies as a result of their injuries related to a fall*
• The average health care cost of a fall injury totaled $19,440, which included hospital, nursing home, emergency room, and home health care, but not doctors’ services*

While one in three older adults falls each year in the United States, many falls are totally preventable with proper safety precautions in the home and in the community. Items like durable medical equipment and education like Fall Prevention Classes, can empower seniors to continue living at home, safely, with a better quality of life.

On June 3rd, join AGE in raising awareness of senior safety in the Central Texas community by donating cash or equipment for our free Durable Medical Equipment Lending program. Durable Medical Equipment are simple items-like wheel-chairs, walkers, canes and shower benches-but they can really make a difference for those who need them. For low-income older adults and people with disabilities, many of these life-enhancing pieces of equipment are not affordable. In 2008, the CRC provided over 700 pieces of equipment to low-income elderly or disabled Central Texans.

Help us help seniors in their homes and with their families with a gift to the first annual AGE SAFE Equipment Drive!

On June 3rd, from 8AM-6PM, come by the Historic AGE Building (3710 Cedar Street) to drop off a donation and receive “Words of Wisdom,” a sweet treat and a receipt for their taxes. “Words of Wisdom” are written pieces of advice authored by seniors in Central Texas, sharing their wisdom earned with years of experience.

For more information or to learn how you can help, please contact Sara Peralta or Nicole Daspit at 512-451-4611!

*Centers for Disease Control, Preventing Falls Among Older Adults

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