New Study Shows What Americans Don’t Know About Long-Term Care

From the Right at Home website.

Most Americans know what long-term care is and how much it costs, but their scores fall short regarding how many people will need it and how they will pay for it. The MetLife Long-Term Care IQ Survey, taken by 1,021 individuals aged 40 to 70 in 2009, reveals that most are not taking appropriate steps to protect themselves from potentially catastrophic expenses.

According to the study:

-Just 36% of those surveyed know that 60%-70% of 65-year-olds will require long-term care services at some point in their lives.
-Just 37% know that most long-term care services are received at home.
-Older people (over 60) are more knowledgeable about long-term care than younger people (40 to 49).
-Only 45% are aware that one in five American households care for an adult family member or loved one.
-Few are taking action to protect themselves from such potentially catastrophic expenses; only 18% know long-term care insurance rates are based on age.
-87% are aware that a comprehensive long-term care policy covers home, assisted living and nursing home care.

Read more here at the Right at Home website.

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