Teleconference: Friendships is Essential for Caregivers

From the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America newsletter

Caregivers are often advised to maintain their own health by eating right and exercising, but they often overlook the importance of socializing to improving quality of life for themselves and their loved ones. Maintaining friendships is essential to having a balanced life as a caregiver of an individual with dementia, according to Lynn Lazarus Serper, Ed.D.,founder and president of Brain Enhancement Services, Inc., Boston.

“Stay healthy! Plan time with your friends!” Serper said. “Friends are not only a pleasure, but also research shows that spending time with friends can actually increase overall health and mental well-being. Take advantage of this wonderful resource.”
On January 14, Serper will expand on this topic, “Friends, Caregiving and Health,” when she is the guest expert on Care Connection, a free telephone support service co-sponsored by AFA and Dr. Jamie, a psychologist and professional life coach. Care Connection is held every Thursday at 9 pm (Eastern time) and up to 150 family and professional caregivers can call in-and simply listen or contribute to the conversation-from anywhere in the nation. Dial toll-free 1-877-AFA-2992, Enter guest ID: 271004#. Taped sessions are available at

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