New Old Age: When Wishing Makes It So

From the New Old Age blog at the New York Times.


Chokyi Kalzang, 67, wanted to go back to school.

Ms. Kalzang had an acceptance letter in hand, a grant to pay for her tuition and all the motivation in the world to complete her credits. But she was missing one thing necessary for a modern college education: a computer.

One day, at her local senior center in Boulder, Colo., Ms. Kalzang saw a flier asking older people for essays about their one greatest wish. Figuring she had nothing to lose, Ms. Kalzang wrote about her dream of finishing the college degree she began 50 years ago and about how something as simple as a computer and printer stood in the way of her goal.

That essay went to Jeremy Bloom’s Wish of a Lifetime, a charity named for Mr. Bloom, an Olympic skier and former professional football player, that grants wishes to low-income older people. The organization used donations totaling $1,000 to provide Ms. Kalzang with a new laptop and printer. After some computer lessons from her grandson, Ms. Kalzang enrolled at Metropolitan State College last fall.

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One thought on “New Old Age: When Wishing Makes It So

  1. What a great post. Thanks so much for posting the information on the three sites that give gifts to older adults in need.
    I fully believe that we should all “pay it forward” and that includes leaving $20 to pay for anyones meal. I once had someone give me a coupon so my kids could eat free. As a single mom of two it was a nice guester and at the time much needed. I now “pay it forward” whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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