Alzheimer’s Association: Alzheimer’s Early Detection Alliance (ADEA)

Evidence suggests that as leaders of corporations promote a healthy workforce, employees listen and take actions. The Alzheimer’s Association would like to to take action and become an inaugural member in the Alzheimer’s Early Detection Alliance (ADEA) to help promote the importance of Alzheimer’s early detection to your employees. Early detection of Alzheimer’s empowers all those impacted by the disease be a part of the solution and help in making care and financial decisions for the future. Your participation in ADEA will people people to:
• Become more aware of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms
• Seek more information about Alzheimer’s disease and resources available
• Engage a dialogue with their doctors about the warning signs for Alzheimer’s disease.

Participation in the Alliance does not require a financial contribution. What matters most is your ability to increase awareness among your own employee base and with other companies and organizations throughout the country. You will receive a number of benefits and resources including an Early Detection Toolkit. To learn more about ADEA visit: or contact Janis Robinson, Director of Corporate Initiatives at (312) 335-5713 or

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