Did President Reagan Have Alzheimer’s Disease During His Term?

In his new book, “My Father at 100,” son Ron Reagan says that his father may have shown signs of Alzheimer’s disease as early as three years into his first term. Like many families who face Alzheimer’s Disease, in retrospect, the signs sometimes may seem obvious. Also like other families, the Reagan family, this issue is ever contentious, as seen in the public dispute between the two Reagan brothers who disagree on when their father began showing signs of his illness. In the end, what does it mean for their family when he began to become ill. Most importantly, what did it mean for our country? Leave your comments and reflections below…-SP

Reagan Brothers Clash: Anger Over Alzheimer’s Allegations

A memoir by a former president’s son has touched off a family quarrel of words.

Ron Reagan recounts the signs in his new book, “My Father at 100: A Memoir.” His half-brother, conservative commentator Michael Reagan, has fired back on the allegations, calling Ron an “embarrassment” to his parents.

In a series of tweets over the weekend, Michael Reagan accused Ron of trying to “sell out his father to sell books.”

Michael Reagan added, “my brother was an embarrassment to his father when he was alive and today he became an embarrassment to his mother.”

Early Signs of Alzheimer’s Disease?
“There was just something that was off. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it,” Ron Reagan told “20/20’s” Elizabeth Vargas.

Ron Reagan said it bothered him when he saw his father making phone calls and reading note cards like “he had prompts.”

“These seemed like conversations that wouldn’t really require that,” he said.

Read more here at ABC News website.

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