Helpful Tips on Health Insurance for Seniors

Some helpful tips and information from the Oct 15 seminar on health insurance options for seniors:


If you are having trouble finding affordable health insurance because of a pre-existing medical condition or you have a complaint against your health plan or want to appeal a health plan’s denial of a treatment, the Texas Consumer Health Assistance Program can help.  Contact them at 1-855-839-2427 or at



Between Oct. 15 and Dec 7, seniors can decide if they want to change their Medicare health insurance and prescription drug coverage.  Factors include coverage of services, other insurance you may have, costs, choices of doctors and hospitals, quality of care, and convenience.  Find useful information and tools to help you decide at:


If you are 65 or older and want to confirm if your prescription drug insurance plan is still the best for your situation, gather your current prescription information and use the on-line prescription drug plan finder at:

It is also helpful to read the “Comparing Medicare Drug Coverage” pamphlet

Pharmacists at many local pharmacies may also be able to help you find the best plan.


For assistance with questions about health insurance and other government benefits for seniors, ask to speak to a Benefits Counselor at the Area Agency on Aging of the Capital Area at (512) 916-6062.    Keep in mind that many seniors are requesting help at this time of year so they may have to call you back.

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