Caregiver Resources: The Short List

Here’s our shortlist of FREE caregiver resources. Let us know if we’re missing another FREE resource for Caregiver in Central Texas. 
  •  AGE Blog: It’s Austin Groups for the Elderly’s own blog! We have articles, links, events, and more on all issues relating to seniors and caregiving. Best of all, it’s written for you! Have a story idea? Visit our blog
  • Caregiver U: FREE classes for families caring for an older loved one! Powerful Tools for Caregivers is a series of classes designed to empower family caregivers of older adults to take better care of themselves.    Classes are FREE, and are offered across the Central Texas region throughout 2011 and 2012. To find the next class, visit our website: 
  • provides an extensive listing of free online videos for caregivers.  Topics include dementia care, self-care for the caregiver, demonstrations of physical care techniques, legal and financial issues, and the “Ask the Geriatrician” series.  Visit their website at:
  •  Caregiver Education over the Telephone: The Caregiver Teleconnection is a free and confidential program that connects caregivers and family members to information and support through the telephone .The Caregiver Teleconnection provides learning sessions on a variety of useful topics, hosted over the phone by professional facilitators and experts. For more information, visit caregiverteleconnection.orgor call 1-866-390-6491.
  • Dr. Mara Karpel & Your Golden Years: Dr. Mara and Your Golden Years is a radio program dedicated to enjoying your life after 50! Dr. Karpel will share her “glass is half full” mentality to help bring joy to your life and that of your parents. With unique musical personalities from Austin joining her each week, Dr. Karpel provides a motivational hour each Sunday evening before the busy week begins. Check it out: Sundays at 7pm on Talk 1370AM & 96.3FM

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