BBC: Understanding the brain on dance

Dance is one of the therapies we use at Elderhaven Adult Day Health Center. Creative movement is such an important activity for all of us. Here’s an article talking about how it impacts our brains.

How does the brain perceive and interpret beautiful movement?

This is one of the key questions being asked by scientists at Bangor University who have enlisted the help of a professional dancer in their quest to better understand how our brains process movement and how we learn by observation.

Dr Emily Cross’ research focuses on the relatively new field of science called neuroaesthetics which looks at how the brain perceives artistic endeavours.

Contemporary dancer Riley Watts spent a day at the university being poked and prodded by the school’s researchers.

First he was filmed dancing in a variety of settings, including a 3D motion-capture studio. He then underwent a functional MRI brain scan while simultaneously watching videos of himself dancing.


Read more at the BBC’s website. 

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