AGE needs your vote! What a video could do for us…

Videos give you a glimpse into a part of the world you might not otherwise see- from a perspective you might not yourself experience. For non-profits, videos are a way to engage the community’s ears, eyes, and hearts as they share the stories of the work that they do.

AGE of Central Texas is pursuing an opportunity to create a new, professionally crafted video, but we need your help! UPG, a marketing firm whose mission is to help businesses bring their brands and services to life with video, is giving away a $5,ooo video to an Austin non-profit. To win, AGE must first receive enough public votes to be in the top five finalists, and then the decision will be made by a celebrity panel.

AGE’s services are so unique that they really have to be seen to be understood. A video would be an incredibly powerful tool to reach out to the community and share the good news of all the growth going on at AGE!

The homemade video we submitted for this contest features our incredible nurse as well as a volunteer from AGE’s Adult Day Health Care Center (Elderhaven). This volunteer has an incredible story himself- previously, he was actually a client of our Adult Day program after an injury that limited his mobility and ability to stay at home. After he healed, he felt so strongly about the good of the Adult Day program that he continues to volunteer three times a week to lead the men’s group.

You can support us in this contest by voting for our entry! To vote, click here. Select the ‘vote now’ button, and you will be taken to a second page where you will see all of the video entries. Ours is titled “AGE of Central Texas”, and to vote simply select ‘vote now’! You can vote once every 24 hours between now and July 3rd.  And please feel free to share with your friends far and wide!

AGE is incredibly grateful for the community around us.  Your support is what makes us who we are.

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