Happy National Adult Day Services Week!

On the third week of September every year, we celebrate National Adult Day Services Week to raise awareness of the important role that Adult Day Health Centers play in the continuum of community-based care for older adults. Almost 30 years ago, President Ronald Reagan and Congress proclaimed National Adult Day Services Week in recognition of the presence of adult day facilities across the nation and what they can offer.

AGE offers compassionate, client-centered care that is also professional and affordable. Although about 81% of AGE’s Adult Day Health Care clients have dementia, there are also clients who have suffered from strokes or other health events or require assistance managing chronic conditions that limit their ability to be independent.

AGE’s Adult Day Health Care includes:

  • Personal care
  • Skilled nursing
  • Healthy meals and snacks designed by a dietician
  • Social, recreational, and therapeutic activities
  • Transportation

Did you know that if you broke down the value of each service provided through AGE’s Adult Day Care that the cost would be about $68.14 per hour? Fortunately, the upfront cost at AGE is $55 per day (up to 10.5 hours of care), and many families qualify for free attendance covered by Medicaid or Veteran’s Benefits.

The benefits of Adult Day Health Care Services go beyond the financial. A rigorous 3 year study by the National Institute of Aging showed significant improvement on self-reported quality of life factors among chronically ill or disabled clients attending Adult Day Services compared to a matched control group in the community. According to the National Institutes of Health, a decrease in the quality of life is a risk factor that has a negative impact on health outcomes for the older adult population.

Help us celebrate National Adult Day Services Week and the many positive effects that Adult Day Health Centers have for the older adults in our community! Please call us anytime this week to schedule a tour of either our Austin or Round Rock facilities. For the Austin Adult Day Health Center call Stephanie at 512-458-6305 or Melissa at 512-255-4865.

Keep an eye out for our posts all week highlighting what Adult Day Care is, what benefits it gives the attendees, what benefits it gives the families and caregivers, the logistics of getting signed up (including the costs), and what our clients think about AGE’s Adult Day Health Care!

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