National Adult Day Services Week 2012: What does Adult Day Care Cost?

Finding care for a loved one can be daunting, and unfortunately many families believe they can’t afford care (whether it be residential, in-home, or day services). But the fact is, there may be more options than you think.

The average cost for Adult Day Care across the nation is $70 per day. AGE of Central Texas aims to provide compassionate care that is affordable. The private pay rate at AGE is $55 per day, which is already lower than the national average,  but many families qualify to attend for free with Medicaid or Veteran’s benefits.

At $55 per day, AGE’s adult day care is very affordable compared to the $162 per day it would cost to have full-time in-home care. The total cost for one year of adult day health care is $13,200 compared to $41,184 of in-home care for the same amount of hours.

Licensed Adult Day Care facilities receive a reimbursement of $27.98 per day for up to 10 hours of services through Medicaid. If each service provided by adult day care were to be unbundled on an hourly basis the estimated cost would be $68.14 per hour for each client we serve.  This includes skilled nursing ($35/hour), personal care ($10.14/hour), transportation ($18/hour), various specialized activities and therapies, and nutritious meals on top of that. The savings to the state of Texas for 21,000 clients enrolled is estimated to save the state of Texas 8.6 million dollars a day, compared to receiving these same or similar serves outside of an Adult Day Center Facility. At AGE of Central Texas, similar cost savings are seen by families that do not qualify for Medicaid as they pay only $55 per day to attend AGE’s Adult Day Health Care Centers. And qualified veterans are eligible to attend for no cost.

To learn more about AGE’s Adult Day Health Care Centers, click here.

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