Thumbing Your Way to Health

large_article_im1466_Top_5_high-tech_health_trends_to_watch_in_2014What is better than learning how to use a smartphone for the first time?

How about learning to make your mind and body healthier with your device? How about taking a class from your peers? Then catching up with them over a cup of coffee after class?

The marriage between health and technology is becoming stronger every day. With the upcoming reign of wearable tech, the relationship between our digital devices and our bodies will grow. The AGE Computer Lab is here to help our community navigate it. apple-watch-6_1

Today we are using technology to stimulate our minds with brain training. In “Internet Brain Fitness Resources” we’re finding the most cutting-edge brain boosters designed by neuroscientists from the nation’s top universities. These puzzles and games seem like pure fun and leisure on the surface, but beneath they are exercising your core cognitive abilities to keep your brain fit. Think of it like your brain lifting weights.

By the way do you know how to say, “I’m allergic to penicillin,” in Portuguese? Probably not. But your phone does. And that could be important. It can do a lot more than take photos and send texts: it can save lives. Find out how at “Medical Information on Your iPhone” next Tuesday. You’ll learn how to store your crucial medical data on your phone so doctors and emergency responders can access it.

When it comes to tackling the challenge of aging with technology, we’ve got your back. And your brain, hips, and heart, too.

Afraid you missed your chance? Don’t worry: the lab will be offering these classes again. For more information, visit

One thought on “Thumbing Your Way to Health

  1. Family caregivers and seniors have tools to help them thrive at their fingertips, literally! Our world – and along with it, our lifestyle – is changing. We have a wealth of tools today that have never been available before. It behooves us to use them to help us maintain our wellness – physical, cognitive and emotional. Technology does this. Let’s take advantage of these resources and move forward on our path to healthier living. Thank you, AGE Computer Lab, for bringing these amazing tools to our community!

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