The Importance of Fun/Life Balance

hatday_blog.jpgBy Heidi Fischer, Program Director
AGE of Central Texas Austin Adult Day Health Center

So many of us get caught up in the whirlwind of life that it becomes really challenging to find time to smell the roses.  At the AGE of Central Texas Adult Day Health Centers, we believe that the proper amount of fun/life balance is an essential component of wellness.

Respite provides the perfect opportunity for embracing who we really are without other distractions.  The benefits of respite care are many, so let’s break this down a bit and look at what respite really feels like:

  • The caregiver relaxes and enjoys respite when two things happen:  their loved one is in a safe place AND their loved one is in an environment that is stimulating and enjoyable to them.
  • Their loved one, in turn, relaxes and enjoys being in a safe, caring, and softly dynamic environment.

jan2016bday1The environment at the AGE of Central Texas Adult Day Health Centers is cheerful and promotes spontaneity.  One of our members – who has frontotemporal dementia – has been attending the Austin Center for a couple of years.  Her caregiver explained to us that there has been a change in her anxiety level since she started attending.  If you were to peek in on her during the day at the Center when a band is playing music, you would see her get up and dance, making long, graceful steps and closing her eyes in pure delight.  Later in the day, while working on a craft with her friends at the table, you would see her giggling at a misplaced eye on the snowman.

That’s spontaneity!  And spontaneity only occurs in safe and playful environments.  The Austin Adult Day Health Center is just that!

It is this promotion of spontaneity in creative play that fuels our activity calendar.  We do not disregard the benefits of the physical self, either.  One of our members grew up in China, so she is delighted with our Tai Chi class.  As the lights go down low and the teacher demonstrates the moves, she is so graceful with each posture.  On the rowdier side, watch out when we are playing balloon volleyball or bowling!

BallooonVBallThe Centers also can tend to your loved one’s health.  Our full time nurse is able to give medications, and she is also assessing the health of our members for any changes.

We invite you to come visit us, and share a special moment of your own.  We are open in both Austin and Round Rock from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Monday through Friday.  Call (512) 451-4611 for more information, then join us in the fun and be spontaneous!

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