The Future of Texas: Aging White Boomers and Young Hispanics

From our friends at the Community Action Network:

At a conference at the LBJ School of Public Affairs, Steve Murdock reviewed the changing demographics of Texas. Murdock, currently a professor at Rice University, is the former Texas demographer and former director of the U.S. Census Bureau.

The two faces of Texas presented in the data of Murdock’s report are old and aging Anglos and a burgeoning young Hispanic population. From 2000 to 2040, Texas public schools will see a 15% decline in the white student population and a 213% increase in the Hispanic population. Most of the projected growth is due to births, 22% is due to in-migration from other states and about 6% is undocumented. If current trend lines of poor educational outcomes and low incomes for Hispanics do not change, our State’s future will be bleak, Murdock said.

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Boomers will Retire Comfortably, but Later

From the Practical Care Continuum newsletter.

Retirement expert Ken Dychtwald, the Age Wave guru, paints a pretty picture about retirement for the boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964). In his latest book, With Purpose: Going From Success to Significance in Work and Life, he states that retirement for the boomers will be so different from traditional retirement that we may well need a new word to describe it.

The biggest reason for this changing retirement scenario? Life spans are changing. Dychtwald sees a shift in attitude about aging. “When our moms and dads reached their 65th or 70th birthday, they felt like they were in the ninth inning, and they were quite happy. Now, boomers look around and see 80-year-old newlyweds and 90-year-old marathon runners.”

Dychtwald also forecasts boomers working longer, but being happier than current retirees who report boredom. And he expects boomers are going to continue to try new things, no matter the age.

Feeling sad because you have lost 45% of your net worth as you head into retirement age?

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