On moving older loved ones: thoughts by Eva Church

Eva Church is a nurse with 20+ years experience in eldercare services. She currently serves as the program director of the Caregiver Resource Center and will celebrate her 80th birthday this December (yes, we said 80!)

The Challenges of Relocating Family Elders

Families needing guidance for transferring their older relatives from other cities to Austin have been increasing by phone calls and visits to CRC. There are many aspects to their challenges: income of the elder, family disputes regarding finances and time spent on caregiving responsibilities.

When Alzheimers or other dementia diagnoses is a component of the search for housing or in-home care, financial status is a major concern for families. Safe housing for low income families is almost non-existent and has become a major challenge for those of us who feel a responsibility to answer the needs of those who seek our support.

Another challenge for caregivers relocating their elders is finding a Family Practice or Internal Medicine physician who can accept Medicare patients. Because of low reimbursement by Medicare, those physicians have to limit the number of Medicare patients. At AGE/CRC we are constantly searching for those who are accepting new patients. This is really challenging for families whose parents have lived away from Austin. At AGE/CRC Outreach meetings with Government/Insurance meetings, we strive to make them understand the caregiving challenges as they search for access to services.

At AGE/CRC we listen to each story and the caregivers through the service systems, inviting them to visit us again as things change and more help is needed.

For more information, contact Eva at 512-451-4611