Haiti’s Elderly: What About Them?

From the Huffington Post

Anderson Cooper of CNN, reporting from Haiti on Wednesday night, said, “Wherever you are, hug a loved one close and thank God you are not in Port-au-Prince tonight.”

I’d add, “that you’re not an old person trying to cope in Port-au-Prince tonight”.

We don’t think about what it means to be old when a crisis like this hits. Imagine what it’s like when it’s hard to get through an average day — and now you’ve got to stand in line for hours for medical care, walk miles for fresh water, or sleep rough. Some 800,000 Haitians are over 60. Most of these older people live in extreme poverty and many of them have lost their homes and loved ones. Immediate needs for older Haitians and their families include shelter, food, water and medical attention–including measures to prevent the spread of infection due to the hot temperatures on the island.

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