Mueller Development responds to Central Texas Need for Affordable Senior Housing

The Central Austin development Mueller Austin has announced plans to include an affordable senior housing project as part of its expansion. This exciting news will, hopefully,  develop into a trend to address the great need for this type of housing in Central Texas.

In Austin and across Central Texas, like in many parts of the United States, retirement communities and other housing options for active seniors abound. From the Sun City Franchise to luxe living like the Conservatory, there seems to be no end to companies building more and more high-end senior living facilities. Unfortunately, few of these communities address the very real need for affordable senior housing.

While the Federal Government offers subsidized housing and rental assistance for individuals over 62 who meet the requirements with HUD, the fact remains that few facilities actually participate in the Section 202 program.  Apartments and communities that do often have 1-2 year long waiting lists,  which are prohibitive for emergency and crisis situations.

The resulting situation is that seniors, who may even own their homes, are trapped in properties they may no longer be able to afford or care for. Further, if any medical conditions exist, the senior may become home bound, unable to leave their home and access much needed resources. While wonderful organizations strive to alleviate the dependency the home bound by delivering meals and bringing care to the home, they do not address the real problem of senior isolation, a fast-track for health and mental deterioration.

So, naturally, I was thrilled to see that the progressive Mueller Development announced today that a “mixed-income community [that] will primarily serve active adults age 55 or older” will be part of the continuing development of the site that was once the Austin airport. The four story unit, I hope, will relieve the waiting lists of the few Section 202 and Section 8 sites in Austin while raising the profile of the genuine need for affordable senior housing.

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