Shower Chairs: Providing Senior Safety and Independence

Shower Chair
Shower Chair

Mark, a family caregiver, visited the CRC to pick up a transfer bench for his elderly mother who was in physical therapy. We began to talk about the importance of transfer benches, and soon discovered that Mark and his mother were evacuees from Hurricane Gustav. Mark’s home in Galveston was completely destroyed—police wouldn’t let him return for three or four weeks after the storm, and when he returned he found his furniture covered with mold and most of his personal property ruined.

Mark brought his mother to Austin, and they stayed in a hotel while the city of Galveston was evacuated. In the hotel, his mother slipped in the shower and fractured her spine. Mark had to take off work for three months to help his mother, and told us that she is still afraid to take a shower because of what happened when she fell last year.

We hope that the transfer bench from AGE’s lending closet will make Mark’s mother feel safe and enable her to take a shower without risks or fear. Bathtub transfer benches are simple pieces of equipment, but they can really make a difference for those who need them.

The Caregiver Resource Center & Durable Medical Equipment Lending Closet serves seniors, adults with disabilities, their caregivers, families and health care providers with equipment, information, consultation, guidance and support. In 2008, the CRC provided over 700 pieces of equipment to low-income elderly or disabled Central Texans.