Older Adults Show Biggest Growth in Social Networking Use

The number of older adults using social networking tools is quickly expanding, according to a recent survey by the Pew Research Center. Social networking use among Internet users aged 50 and older nearly doubled from 22 percent in April 2009 to 42 percent in May 2010, making them the fastest growing segment of users. In contrast, the number of users aged 18 to 29 only grew 13 percent.
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CNN: Older users flocking to Facebook, Twitter

Facebook is not just for kids anymore!
Facebook is not just for kids anymore!
Twitter and Facebook aren’t just for your (grand) kids! Check out this great article from CNN that highlights the changing demographics of social media. We at AGE already knew this, though, with our ever-popular SeniorNet Facebook classes! If you’re in the Central Texas area, check out our next class schedule here. Next classes on Facebook will be this October!

(CNN) — Nancy Ehrlich was nearing 50 and frustrated, teaching at her small Pennsylvania town’s elementary school with colleagues who didn’t share her love of technology.

Then, last summer, she found Twitter.

Now, Ehrlich — who turns 51 in a few weeks — barely qualifies for the fastest-growing club on the Web. The number of internet users over 50 who use social-networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have nearly doubled in the past year, according to a study released Friday.

“It definitely has changed my whole life — that’s how significant Twitter is to me,” said Ehrlich, who now regularly chats with educators around the world and helps host a weekly forum for them on the micro-blogging site. “At first, I didn’t really get it. But I just kept watching it and, before you knew it, I was hooked.”

Between April 2009 and May, the percentage of internet users 50 and up who said they use social-networking sites has risen from 22 percent to 42 percent, according to the survey by the Pew Research Center.

Respondents 65 and older reported a 100 percent increase, while those between 50 and 64 jumped 88 percent.

By comparison, the number of users from 18-29 who said they use networking sites rose a much more meager 13 percent.

For anyone who logs on to sites such as Facebook and Twitter, the increase in older users is probably pretty obvious.

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