Mid-semester Comments of Elderhaven

Hi, it’s me again, Gretchen. I’m an intern at Elderhaven and a senior at University of Texas at Austin, studying Human Development & Family Sciences. This semester is going wonderful, I am enjoying every moment. Coming to Elderhaven does not even feel like a job, each day is so fun, with new activities, crafts, and trivia to do. I have been researching new exercises to incorporate during the seniors work outs that I think they are enjoying, including a self defense section, a swimming session, and a walking/running background story. I also have introduced the clients to Wii, and I think they enjoy it just as much as me. Seeing their excitement of hitting a homerun or bowling a strike on the Wii brings a smile to my day. We now have a new activity director that is introducing us to so many new ideas. She fills each day with fun and and creative activities for every hour that truly entertain the seniors. I’m so excited to see what new ideas she has for Elderhaven to come, and my ending memories I will obtain before I have to leave in the summer.

You’ll here from me again shortly,


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