Medicare’s Annual Open Enrollment is November 15 – December 31

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Help senior loved ones select a quality plan. The Medicare website offers tools to help compare supplemental ("Medigap") and prescription plans in your area. Download "Use Medicare's Information on Quality to Help You Compare" to learn more about things to look for.
The same percentage of Medicare beneficiaries who have access to a Medicare Advantage plan today (99.9 percent) will have access to a Medicare Advantage plan in 2010. In addition, all Medicare beneficiaries will have many prescription drug plans from which to choose.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) encourages beneficiaries enrolled in Medicare Advantage and Medicare Prescription Drug plans to review their current health and drug plan coverage for any changes their plans may be making for 2010, before the annual enrollment period begins on November 15.

In 2010, beneficiaries who are currently enrolled in Medicare Advantage plans can expect to see an average premium of about $39 a month, a $7 difference from 2009. Medicare Prescription Drug plan premiums will average $30, a $2 difference from 2009. Those who qualify for the full Medicare low-income subsidy will pay no premiums or deductibles in Medicare Prescription Drug plans.

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