What does healthy look like to you?

Once you meet Ernestine Shepard, your opinion might change.

Shepard is the worlds oldest body builder at 75.

She has an incredible story of pursuing fitness starting in her 50’s after the tragic loss of her sister. Shepard is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She runs an average of 80 miles every week. And she uses her new found gift to inspire health and fitness-oriented habits in others. She leads exercise groups for seniors in her church and out in the community.

AGE is lucky to have a similarly inspiring individual among our own community – Jody Kelly. Jody is a grandmother, an entrepreneur, triathlete, and previous participant in the reality TV show “The Amazing Race”. Like Ernestine Shepard, Jody began her quest for health and fitness at a later age in life, but that hasn’t slowed her incredible achievements as an athlete. You can find a previous write-up of Jody on our blog here.

Both of these women show us that our bodies do not have to succumb to the stereotypes of becoming more frail, less active, and more sedentary as we age. And they both encourage fitness for the sake of feeling healthy and finding what fitness means for the individual.

Click here to watch a video about Ernestine’s truly inspiring journey.

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