AGE of Central Texas Inclement Weather Policy

Never before have we had so many ‘inclement weather’ days in one year. It distresses us because each day we’re forced to close due to weather means there are family caregivers who still have to work who don’t have anywhere to take their older loved one during the day, and it means there are seniors who won’t get the expert level of care, the medical oversight, and the social connection they need that day.

Because the safety of our clients and our staff are paramount, when inclement weather hits we want them to stay off the roads. But we also know that when AGE’s offices and Adult Day Centers close, there are older adults and family caregivers who are directly affected.  In an effort to balance those two things, and to let our clients and participants know about delays and closures in a clear, timely, and predictable manner, we follow the inclement weather schedule of the school districts.

AGE’s general policy is to follow the operating schedule of the school district in which each office or Adult Day Center resides. So, the Round Rock Adult Day Center follows Round Rock Independent School District, and the rest of AGE’s programs, the AGE Building, and the Austin Adult Day Center follows Austin Independent School District. If the school district closes, the Adult Day Center and all other programs will be closed. If the school district opens on a delayed schedule with a 2-hour delay, we’ll open at 10:00 AM– but if they open any later, we’ll open when they do.

If delays or cancellations occur, AGE will update this information on facebook, twitter, and the homepage of our website. But, please feel free follow the school districts’ websites directly to get the most recent status.

Should you have any questions or concerns on this topic, please contact Annette Juba, Deputy Director of Programs at 512-600-9278. If you have further questions on the status of a particular program, please contact that program staff person directly.

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