TIP: Disaster Planning Tips for Older Adults

Summertime in Central Texas brings fun for families, but also natural disasters. Prepare your family by checking out these resources. -AGE blog team

Disaster Planning Tips for Older Adults1

Carolyn S. Wilken, Linda B. Bobroff, and Emily Minton2

Attention County Extension Faculty:

This section deals with disaster planning topics and lists special tips for seniors. Included topics are planning for medical needs: what to have on hand or to pack; planning for people with special needs: those with Alzheimer’s, Diabetes; the Bed-Bound, and the oxygen-supply dependent. Also included are topics and techniques on planning for: time passers, emotional support/stress reduction. and evacuation or moving to a shelter. Click here to print or view the entire publication.

There are 13 sections in this FYCS series, each focused specific preparedness issues important to Florida families.

• Preparing a Family Communications Plan for Terrorist Attacks (FY623/FCS9201) Keywords: contact, meeting, plan

• Community Contacts: Being Prepared for a Disaster (FY612/FCS9190) Keywords: national resources, Florida resources

• Community Contacts: Responding to a Disaster (FY611/FCS9189) Keywords: agency, assistance, FEMA

• Preparing to Evacuate your Home in Case of an Emergency (FY616/FCS9194) Keywords: emergency checklist, shelters, children in school., evacuating pets and animals

• TV Viewing by Children During Times of Conflict (FY613/FCS9191) Keywords: fact and fantasy, listening to your child, being a role model

• Terror/Emergency Preparedness (FY614/FCS9192) Keywords: important papers, medicines, special foods

• Avoid Fraud During Emergencies (FY615/FCS9193) Keywords: fraud, scams, overpriced cleanup and rebuilding

• Preparation for Disasters: Your Food and Drinking Water Supply (FY617/FCS9195) Keywords: preparing drinking water, purifying water, types of food

• Managing the Stress of War and Terrorism: Guidelines for Families (FY622/FCS9200) Keywords: signs of stress, manage stress, overload, substance abuse.

• International Travel in Unsettled Times (FY618/FCS9196) Keywords: travel alert, World Factbook, contacts, passport, CDC, Medevac insurance

• Disaster Planning: Important Papers and Documents (FY619/FCS9197) Keywords: papers and documents, checklist, on-the-go records.

• Disaster Planning: Tips for Senior Adults (FY620/FCS9198) Keywords: non-perishable food, first aid kit, non-prescription drugs, special tips fo senior adults

• Facing Terrorism Alone (FY621/FCS9199) Keywords: what if, do one thing at a time, keep in touch, know your neighbors

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